Initial Consultation

The purpose of the initial consultation is to understand the scope of the project, timing, budget and services required. RDZine provides a complimentary initial consultation and will will provide samples of previous work, references and our philosophy of design and customer service at this time.

Space Planning

This includes plan review, furniture placement on original drawn plans drawn by the architect to scale, and an estimate of furniture pricing and requirements. This does not include actual selections of furniture, colors, product, or services. This allows the customer to have an estimation of the furniture costs and the placement of items in the home.

Interior Design

This includes interior and exterior selection which may include, but not be limited to, stone, stucco, concrete flooring, cabinetry, plumbing fixtures, all hard surfaces, paint or wall coverings selections, lighting fixtures, and all color and texture selections. We will work directly with your contractor or you may choose to use our approved list of contractors. This is a very personal and flexible process and requires immediate and constant oversight. RDZine is dedicated to making this process the cornerstone of a beautiful home.

Interior Furnishing

This includes all furniture, art, décor, window coverings, and accessories. This is by far the most critical part of the process and also the most time consuming. RDZine provides two alternatives for interior furnishings.

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